Welcome to the European Federation of Tall People

The European Federation of Tall People is ment to be the organization for the benefit of tall people in Europe.
We are based in the Netherlands at Schans 27, 1261 MJ Blaricum.
Tel: +31(0)35 52 57 893; Mobile +31(0)653 155 851.
You can reach us seven days a week by telephone at office hours (CET) and in the evening until 22.30 hour (CET)
The European Federation of Tall People participates together with the Dutch Tall People Organisation (SLM) in the UNIFORM-organization. www.uniform.nl.

To achieve the best results possible we like to know your experiences good and bad in:

  • Clothing: from underwear until black-tie and also special clothing for work and industry
  • Traveling: from private (Car,Bike) and public transport (Streetcar, light rail Subway, Bus) until business travel and holidays (Airplanes, coaches, trains)
  • Shoes: from everyday shoes until sport shoes
  • Accomodation: hotels, resorts, bungalows
  • Camping: mobile home, caravan, tent and equipment
  • Health: size-related injuries
  • Hospitals: bed sizes and …….
  • Furniture in and around the house: kitchen, living-, bath- and bedroom and garden furniture
  • Office equipment: desk and chairs
  • Outdoor activities
  • And so on

Let us know, so we can inform other tall people.