The head in the stars. Tall and Proud of it

The appointment event on the theme of the Great.

Parc Saint Paul organizes the 01 and May 2, 2015 
“The head in the stars. Tall and Proud of it. »

The first concentration Great for a unique event.

Access to Parc Saint Paul 01 and May 2 is offered to tall people 1.90 m for men and 1.80 m for women.

Parc Saint Paul organizes an educational exhibition on the Great throughout history.

Philippe Candeloro will be the Master of Ceremonies and the official Speaker of the event “The head in the stars. Tall and proud of it.”

The exhibition “Great and Proud of Being ’on 1500 M2 exhibition with more than 30 exhibitors will offer products and services for the large sizes.
Many personalities PEOPLE large.

Sultan Kosen presence of the greatest man in the world with 2.51 m.
Brahim Takioullah the presence of the greatest man in Europe with 2.46 m.
Presence on the two days of the 10 greatest men of the world.

This festival is an opportunity to meet in a friendly place all the Great World actors and stimulate public interest.

More information at Parc Saint Paul

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Al sinds 1984 behartig ik de belangen van lange mensen. Begonnen als een soort hobby doe ik dit nu op een professioneel niveau. In 1997 heb ik het bedrijf Uniform opgericht waarmee ik nu twee tijdschriften exploiteer, producten promoot, gastcolleges geef en nog veel meer. In 2011 ben ik redacteur geworden bij de site
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