Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website for Tall People in Europe. This website is part of the European Federation of Tall People based in The Netherlands.

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  1. Sabine Hegenbart says:


    My name’s Sabine, I come from the south of Germany, close to the Bavarian Alps, and I am very tall. Not very tall for a woman but just very tall, 192 cm. I normally do not make decisions in terms of socializing during my leisure time based on other people’s height but I thought it could be interesting to learn more about your federation. In a sense, I guess I would like to meet up with other tall people to, well to just have nice chat and maybe swap some interesting information too.

    I have a tip for you if you’re interested in where tall women can buy very nice items of clothing: Long Tall Sally, which is a UK-based chain of boutiques. They have shops in London and Reading and you can order online too. If you’re of tall and delicate build, you might find that they cater mainly to those who are not precisely underweight but the smallest size could still work.

    I look forward to getting your message soon.

    Kind regards,


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